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søndag 9. november 2014

Another Cushion for my daughter

Scrapping with my Indigo Crossing fabric again. I guess that you are pretty tired of me and those fabrics but I have a good time and that are the most important..
I made another cushion for my daughter Marit today. She told that the cushion I made her a while ago was a constant challenge for for her and her boyfriend, because both of them wanted to use it when relaxing. Ups problem solved :-)
Design Lise at Kreativ quilt shop in Kristiansand.

The backside of the cushion..

I enjoyed a really good cup of Caffe Mocca at " Lykke Interiør og Kafe´, Vågsbygd senter". I run into a good friend of mine, sweet Kari. We had a nice chat about life for a good hour.. Loved it !

3 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely cushion!! Yummy looking drink.

  2. I think making what makes you happy and sharing it is the most important thing. Such a cozy pillow. Oh that mocha looks amazing.

  3. Så vackra saker du sytt.Underbara färger också.
    Trevlig helg.


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