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torsdag 25. juni 2015

Celebrating Mid Summer Eve

On our way home from a fantastic evening at sea :-)
Thanks to Hallgeir and Hanne Karin.
The time of this pictures are 22.15 at night. Still a lot of light and this is the lightest day of the year.
Great, right ?

tirsdag 23. juni 2015

Scrapping Daysail by Moda

A new table runner using Daysail by Moda. The Squares are 3x3". I love to use scraps when they still are "fresh":-)

Today are midsummer day in Norway and we celebrate with bonfire all over by the sea and on the beaches. Our Swedish friends celebrated last weekend but here in Norway we stick to the old tradition and celebrate on the 23th of June. I must say that our Swedish friends are very clever having the celebration during the weekend when most people are of work.
You can learn more here.

søndag 21. juni 2015

Tabelrunner using "The Boat House"

I am sitting outside today and enjoying that summer might have hit the southern part of Norway. Let us hope it will stay for a while! We need these sunny days..
I have played with the Lil´Twister ruler using Moda/ " The Boat House" and the charms are leftover from another project I finished in May.
What are you doing today ??

fredag 19. juni 2015

Bookmarks, scrapping Daysail

New Bookmarks. A perfect way to use tiny bits of your favorite fabric. I have been scrapping my Daysail leftovers.
I am not sure where I got the idea but it was here in blog land or over at the Instagram world.
Thanks for the great idea anyway!

mandag 8. juni 2015

4 new toiletry bags

I have 4 more bags for the Norwegian Women´s Shelter project runned by Desiree Lappeteknikk.
Alltogether I have made 7 toiletry bags and I have also sponsored Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste,Showergel, body lotion, face cream and so on for all 7 bags. It has been a fun and giving project to be a part of.
Thank you so much Desiree. I hope many more vil continue to make bags so our fellow sister in need may feel some love!

lørdag 6. juni 2015

Moda Bakeshop: Stack of Star quilt update..

Boarders are on and the quilt topp are ready for quilting :-)
You can find the pattern in my privies post.