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fredag 21. november 2014

And another cushion :-)

I have finished another cushion and this time it is for a dear friend of mine.
Design Lise/ Kreativ Quilt. Fabric are scraps from my merry merry snowmen project with French General. My friend asked me to take less red in her next cushion but I find that the red make the cushion glow. Don´t you agree. See picture under….

I have also made her the cushion in my next picture.You can find the pattern on Moda Bakeshop here.Theese 2 cushions will go very well together on her new sofa.

This is my minispool quilt made in Camille Roskelley´s class at Gardermoen a few months ago.Unfortunately it turned out very wonky so I will never finish this quilt but I intend to make another one safe home in my own sewing room. My iron might be a bit kinder to me and my quilts… To bad though !!

Have yourself a lovely weekend quilting. I will try to finish 10 yards of binding.

fredag 14. november 2014

A new Quilt for my daughter Marit.

Playing with Indigo Crossing again and some few Lexington by Minnick &Simpsons. 
Designed by Lise at Kreativ Quilt in Kristiansand. She has the pattern for sale together with the cushion in my previous post. 
The Quilt has been beautifully quilted by Quilt'n in Arendal. 
Thank you so much ! 
My daughter is very happy with her new Quilt. I have one Quilt almost identical to this one and she has been using it every time she was visiting home. Ok I tok the hint at last :-) 

søndag 9. november 2014

Another Cushion for my daughter

Scrapping with my Indigo Crossing fabric again. I guess that you are pretty tired of me and those fabrics but I have a good time and that are the most important..
I made another cushion for my daughter Marit today. She told that the cushion I made her a while ago was a constant challenge for for her and her boyfriend, because both of them wanted to use it when relaxing. Ups problem solved :-)
Design Lise at Kreativ quilt shop in Kristiansand.

The backside of the cushion..

I enjoyed a really good cup of Caffe Mocca at " Lykke Interiør og Kafe´, Vågsbygd senter". I run into a good friend of mine, sweet Kari. We had a nice chat about life for a good hour.. Loved it !

søndag 2. november 2014

My Mini Dwell Quilt

My Mini Dwell Quilt is finished. I was very lucky to join Camille Roskelley at her class at Norwegian Quilt Festival.
It was very special for me to meet Camille because I have admired her work / blogg for some time now.
She was so sweet and we all had a blast at her class.
I also made a Mini Spool Quilt but it has not been qualified for a show off, I think I have to make another one. It turned out very wonky !! Grmf :-)

I found a very sweet sign at " Gamle been i Fredrikstad". It says: "The ducks meet here". So sweet !!
I just had to show you…

I have been on vacation in Italy/ Bella Italy.. I went to Sorrento/ Napels / Amalfi and Pompeii.
I had such a good time with my friend Jorun. We had just 2 hours in Pompeii and that was way too short. I could easily spend a day or 2 here.
Today I will show some pictures from Pompeii: