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fredag 14. november 2014

A new Quilt for my daughter Marit.

Playing with Indigo Crossing again and some few Lexington by Minnick &Simpsons. 
Designed by Lise at Kreativ Quilt in Kristiansand. She has the pattern for sale together with the cushion in my previous post. 
The Quilt has been beautifully quilted by Quilt'n in Arendal. 
Thank you so much ! 
My daughter is very happy with her new Quilt. I have one Quilt almost identical to this one and she has been using it every time she was visiting home. Ok I tok the hint at last :-) 

10 kommentarer:

  1. Discovered your blog through OPAM. Love your blue quilt and pillows! Very beautiful!

  2. Lovely quilt!! Like the blue and the stars and...

  3. Don't you love it when your child snuggles in a handmade quilt. I'm sure Marit was thrilled to receive it.

  4. Dejlig blå-hvid quilt til din datter :-). Det er så skønt, når de unge sætter pris på vores quilte.
    God weekend.
    Knus herfra

  5. Beautiful quilt and a lovely match with the cushion from your previous post.

  6. So lovely Anne Marie. The colours make me think of Winter nights where the snow is shown by moonlight. A lovely make.

  7. It really is a beautiful quilt, well done!

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  9. Så koselig quilt til datteren din, Anne Marie, blue is such a great colour :-)