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fredag 21. november 2014

And another cushion :-)

I have finished another cushion and this time it is for a dear friend of mine.
Design Lise/ Kreativ Quilt. Fabric are scraps from my merry merry snowmen project with French General. My friend asked me to take less red in her next cushion but I find that the red make the cushion glow. Don´t you agree. See picture under….

I have also made her the cushion in my next picture.You can find the pattern on Moda Bakeshop here.Theese 2 cushions will go very well together on her new sofa.

This is my minispool quilt made in Camille Roskelley´s class at Gardermoen a few months ago.Unfortunately it turned out very wonky so I will never finish this quilt but I intend to make another one safe home in my own sewing room. My iron might be a bit kinder to me and my quilts… To bad though !!

Have yourself a lovely weekend quilting. I will try to finish 10 yards of binding.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Both lovely cushions ( again), I like the second one very much :-)

  2. Lovely work Anne Marie. The 2nd cushion's design is very effective. Shame about the spools but perhaps it would be a good one to donate to a charity? It would be a shame to waste it.

  3. Looks great! The top one!
    You're so right! Very interesting!

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    Place open

  4. Hello Anne Marie...lovely cushions there! Nothing wrong with the wonky spools....I saw some patchwork once and it was called WonkyHouses!