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onsdag 25. november 2015

2 more small purses for Christmas

2 more Toalett purses for a friend of mine. She is going to gift them to her nieses.
Pattern AnnaKa, Anna´s Sminkepung.
You might be tired of me making these small purses but they are easy and fun to make. I also use up a lot of fabric and that is good!!!

Some new LED lights for Christmas.
I love them :-) Now I do not have to worry about candles setting my house on fire..

torsdag 12. november 2015

6 more Christmas gifts

6 more gifts are ready for Christmas.
Design AnnaKa, Pattern Annas Sminkepung.

onsdag 11. november 2015

Gifts for Christmas

2 toalett purses ready for Christmas as gifts.
Design AnnaKa/ Annas Sminkepung, small version.

3 more purses.
Design Annaka / Annas Sminkepung. They are slightly lager than the pattern.

fredag 6. november 2015

2X Sukkertoppen fra RyumQuilt

I have just finished 2 table runners for Christmas. One is for myself and the other I will give away to someone who has been very kind to me.
Pattern "Sukkertoppen " by RyumQuilt and I bought the pattern at Desiree . The fabrics are from Strikkefeen and Stoffdronning.
I really loved making them..

søndag 1. november 2015

A new table runner for Christmas

I made my best friend a new table runner for Christmas.
Design AnnaKa / Quiltemagasinet.
It was not perfect, but it is done ...