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lørdag 17. april 2021

A new table runner. It has been a long time since I have been blogging... I hope you are all well. I am at Instagram now as annemariesquilt. I stopped blogging because I was anable to post photos here for some reason ???
A new baby quilt made with scraps.

fredag 29. november 2019

Stash busting by making crib quilt´s

An new crib quilt to a little boy.

A new crib quilt to a little girl.

Another crib quilt to a little girl.

Another crib quilt :-)

And yet another crib quilt done. This one became a little too dark though.

tirsdag 13. august 2019

Just some Christmas fun

I have made som preperation for Christmas for a local quiltshop "Hos Janne".
Thank you so much,I enjoyed these small things a lot.

tirsdag 7. mai 2019

Spotted by Zen Chic

I have been busy making this quilt. Lots of beautiful colors and some of the blocks gave some hard challenges as well.
This was fun!

tirsdag 2. april 2019

Working on something blue..

Another bag and a new project in blue..

fredag 29. mars 2019

More Bags..

3 more bags are ready this week..

onsdag 27. mars 2019

5 new bags

I have made 5 new bags last month..
Spring is coming and it feels good!