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Velkommen til Anne Maries Quilt !

torsdag 18. oktober 2018

New Cushion with hexagons.

Last weekend I was joining a lesson at "Vestlandstreffet" at Sola. The teacher was Mali S. Engedal. I learned a lot and had some fun ;-)

onsdag 26. september 2018

A new sewing mat for my sewing machine.

I have made a sewing mat for my sewing machine.. The designer is Polkadotchair/ Melissa Mortenson. Such a clever designer !
I made mine i B&C fabrics which are my favorites..
This upcoming weekend my quilt guild will host a quilt show at Christiansholm Festning in Kristiansand and I am super excited how the show will turn out. I hope to see a lot of you!

mandag 24. september 2018

Bjorn Bear cushion

A new cushions came to life this weekend. It was so fun to make and it made my day when my husband told me that HE wanted to keep it for himself.. I said "it is pink" ??? "He did´not mind" he said. Well I promised him to make one in colors more fit to him and my living room :-)
Pattern is called Bjorn Bear and the design is by Elizabeth Hartman and the fabrics are from B&C Vintage Holiday.

lørdag 22. september 2018

New Table runner with White Christmas fabric´s

I have made this super easy table runner with fabrics from "White Christmas" by ZenChic Brigitte Heitland.

torsdag 20. september 2018

9 new "tennbrikett" cover

I bought the panel at Desiree Lappeteknikk and made some cute "tennbrikett" covers.
I will sell them at the quilt show next weekend.
My own design.

onsdag 19. september 2018

Cushions with Swoon 16 pattern

I have made a new cushion with some of my old Bliss fabrics from Bonnie&Camille.
The pattern is called Swoon 16 by Camille Roskelley.
I have donated this cushion to a lotteri my quilt guild will have on a quilt show next weekend.

Kristiansand Quilteklubb skal ha utstilling på Christiansholm Festning 29 og 30 september fra kl 1100 til 1700.
Dere er hjertelig velkommen alle sammen :-)

fredag 24. august 2018

My Christmas Cheer quilt

My Christmas Cheer quilt is finished. I have only bought the background fabric and the rest are from my stash.
The design is from Cottenway.Beautifully quilted by Anne Salvesen.

lørdag 4. august 2018

4 new Weebraw bags

4 new Weebrawbags, design Laura Cunningham, finished using True Blue from Zen Chic design.
These small bags are perfect for small knitting projects.
summer vacation: some pictures from this July...
my small knitting project " Lothepus lua".

lørdag 14. juli 2018

The Weebrawbag by Laura Cunningham

My first attempt on a Weebrawbag, Design Laura Cunningham. I bought my pattern at Craftsy.

We are having the most fantastic summer in Norway. I feel sorry for the farmers though because there are almost no rain and it is very hot. ( Well for us in Norway is it very hot when the temperature are higher than 30 degrees Celsius)

fredag 13. juli 2018

Hip & Hop, Bunny Hill Design

A small wall hanging Hip & Hop from Bunny Hill Design.

Some friends from my quilt guild came to my home and we made Toalett purses for a project called " Søstre for Søstre" ( Sisters for sisters). We make toalett purses for a women's shelter in Kristiansand.

I have showed you these before, but here is what we made:

Here are some pictures from my trip to Madonna di Campiglio, Italian Dolomites.
The last picture are from 5 Days of Orientering in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy.