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mandag 27. oktober 2014

Bella Italia / Sorrento

I have a week of and I am in beautiful Italia : Sorrento/ Capri / Amalfi coast. 
Love it !! 
Tomorrow we will go and visit Pompeii and Napels. I am having lots of fun and I hope you are too !! 

onsdag 8. oktober 2014

AnnaKa´s Høstfloks/ english paper piecing.

2 new Christmas cushions. The pattern are from the norwegian designer AnnaKa and the fabrics are Lynette Andersen.
You can see the pattern here.

Fatquartershops Mysteryquilt 2014 block # 3 and 4. Now waiting for block # 5 in the mail.

Selvlagede potetlefser fra Valle i Setesdalen. Nyderlig med smør,sukker og kanel. Hmm de lokale damene, som var våre lærermestere denne dagen, skjønte ikke så mye av det med kanelen da ..
Making traditional potato "tortillas" from Valle/ Setesdalen in Norway. Tasting lovely with butter, sugar and cinnamon between the layers.

How did we make them:

fredag 3. oktober 2014

Scrapping Indigo Crossing and other charms.

I have made 4 plate mates for my oldest daughter and she loved them!