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torsdag 31. desember 2015

6 new place mates finished for Christamas

6 new place mates for christmas.( There are 2 more but they where not finished when I took the picture..)
Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you are all well and ready for the new blogg/ quilt year 2016.
I will do my best to continue to blogg and I hopa to see you too.
Take care and have fun tonight!!

Under are som pictures taken the third day of Christmas at the cabin. This moment only lasted for about 30 minutes or so but it was amazing with both the sun raising and the moon still in the sky.

lørdag 19. desember 2015

Tomtemys table runner

A new table runner for Christmas and I must say that is was a lot of work!
Design Solbritt and Maria/ pattern Tomtemys.

Some pictures from the cabin last weekend: