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mandag 31. juli 2023

Road Trip to Syknappen in Rakkestad

Last week I took a trip to Syknappen in Rakkestad/ Østfold. This was a fantastic beautilful quiltshop in the countryside of Østfold the very south east of Norway. This is just a short trip from our summer cottage and I have had this trip in my mind for a while. It was a very busy shop with quilter from near and far visiting. I will defenitely be back another year. Thank you to Ulla and Chookyblue for comments on my last posts.

torsdag 20. juli 2023

Do I want to go back to blog land?

I might be back, but I am not sure yet. I can see that one of my best friend in blog land is back Jellybeansangel :-) and that is so sweet. Ulla is answering her and that is so wonderful to see :-) I miss the blog community that I used to be part of... I will show you today some of my doings so far this year and that includes some baby quilts, the one with Winnie. The Pooh I made a huge mistake, but it is finished and that is good :-) I am greatful to still be able to quilt and enjoy life, I am now retired from my work and feel so lucky! Anyone else still here?