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tirsdag 9. august 2011

" Flor og Fjære ", enjoy!!

Welcome to Flor og Fjære. On an Island just outside Stavanger you can find what used to be just stone and small mountains are now made into the most wonderful gardens I have ever seen. This is big business and a lot turists and norwegians have visited this Island over the years. I went there with my good friends Sol and Linda. They are both quilters.
We had the most wonderful trip and on the way home we made sure to visit the quiltshop Kaktusquilt in Tananger. Did we buy some fabrics? Oh yes we did ;-))
Thanks Linda and Sol for this wonderful trip..

Sol and me. ( I know the picture could have been better, sorry)

Linda and me.

Appeltrees on a row insteed of trees.

How to grow grapes ;-) Flat on stone..

Bonsai Garden

Sol and Linda

Old Stavanger

Til Brit Elin

Old Stavanger

9 kommentarer:

  1. A garden of Eden. How much fun to spend time with your friends is such a gorgeous setting.

  2. Jeg har selv vært på Flor og Fjære og det var en opplevelse, både blomstene og maten der !
    Ha en fin uke !!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures Anne Marie. What a beautiful place to visit!

  4. Oj, vad vackert!!!
    Tack för fina bilder!

  5. Wow... for en opplevelse det må ha vært, noe så nydelig... takk for at du delte det med oss :)

  6. What beautiful gardens!
    I love the white houses in Stavanger, I visited some years ago, but did not know about the island:)

  7. Oh wow where to begin- the colour combinations- I kept seeing fabrics. Then the shapes and textures. What a wonderful place to visit. I could see an Old Stavanger inspired strip quilt. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  8. Thank you for your generous comments and sharing your good photos of our gardens. I am very happy that you enjoyed your visit! Welcome back some day - thanks again, on behalf of the gang at Flor & Fjaere


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