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torsdag 23. juli 2009

Christmas in July swap has arrived

Ops a package for me all the way from Australia and Cheryl /Willowberrydesigns has made me the most wonderful Christmas gift. I am stunned!!
The christmassack was filled with lots of goodies and Cheryl has stitched some lovely stitchery on my gifts. I do not know if shows in the pictures..
Cheryl thank you much for making me this wonderful gift , I will treasure it forewer. I have always wanted a needlecase and Cheryl made me one ;-))

This wonderful swap has been hosted by Stephanie and Linda. Thank you so much both of you for letting me join in. This is my second swap and I have been very lucky both times with my swap partner ;-))
Now I just have to wait for my gift arrives safely to its new owner, I hope she will like her gift too.. ( yes it is a she I can reveal that much, hi hi)

All the goodies in the christmas sack nicely rapped in..

A christmas sack and a lovely card, I wonder what's in it. Hmm I could not wait for long, no I opened it right away, hi hi...

Here are all the goodies I have got from Cheryl, I am I not lucky and I love it!!!!
Pop over and visit this lovely lady...

This is not the best picture, I must make another post about my gift.I will be away for a couple of days visiting my mother so I will make a new post after my visit.

12 kommentarer:

  1. Wasn't this swap the best! I just love what you received. Nothing like Christmas twice in one year.

  2. I can see why you're thrilled. Beautiful swap package from Cheryl. I agree with's like Christmas twice a year.

  3. WOW så mye fint du fikk i julygave :o)

  4. Så flott julegave i juli! Heldige du.

  5. Anne Marie...what lovely gifts this has been a great swap.

  6. What a lovely set of goodies from the talented Cheryl. The red cardinal bird looks so sweet. Ooo a matching bag and pincushion- gorgeous!

    Have a lovely time at your Mother's.

  7. beautiful gifts have been exchanged so far from what I have seen.........

  8. Oh, Cheryl does the most beautiful things. You are so lucky to have gotten her as a partner.

  9. This was a fun swap!! You received some awesome gifts!

  10. very nice goodies from Cheryl. i really love the little stitchings on that cute basket.

  11. This is also a beautifulls swap package, Cheryl did a very nice work. Renata.