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fredag 14. juli 2017

Toalett purses

My husband needed a new toalett purse and I made these 2. He picked the larger one. The small one turned out kind of odd but I will adjust the pattern by next project.
My own design but I have been inspired by the Norwegian designer AnnaKa.

Another Tenderness flower :-)

Some pictures from our vacation trip to Skagen in Denmark. Skagen is a wonderful place were you can find peace,quiet and some fun in the city of Skagen. I love it and it is only 3-4 hours from home. You need to take a ferry though.

2 kommentarer:

  1. What lovely toiletries bags. Well done for making things from your head. Skagen looks so pretty with the blue sky. Is the tenderness flower for a project?

  2. Hi Anne-Marie, I can see you have written about which languages you can have on your blog but when I try to follow from my blog reader the link takes me to an empty page bar a line of words and when I press start it comes here and this is the last post.