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fredag 9. oktober 2015

2 new bags, one visit to Vigelands Park and a quiltshow

2 new bags using the pattern veskekurv by"Ryumquilt" design.
It was an easy and fun project :-)
I wish you all a wonderful weekend! We are heading ut to the mountains to the cabin.

From my visit to the Vigelands Park in Oslo last weekend with my Husband.
The hole park are made by one artist Gustav Vigeland, amazing!

From our Quiltshow some weeks ago with my quilt Guild. We had a wonderful time with lots of visitors..

4 kommentarer:

  1. The quilts are lovely and the photos of Vigelands park bought back many happy memories of visits to Oslo.

  2. Det var lurt med knappane på veskekorga. Er dei berre til pynt?