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mandag 3. august 2015

Basting your quilt..

I have taken a class at Craftsy and the teacher was Camille Roskelley , so this is her idea... I think it was the Swoon class.
She teached me how bast my quilt and I must say it has helped me a lot!!
You start with you backing facing the right side down, tape it to the floor.Then put the batting on and smooth it out as good as you can. Then put your quilt on the top and find all you safety pins. Pin the 3 layer together starting from the middle.Use your hands to make it all flat all the way out to the 4 corners.
Grmf, did you understand ??( Sorry my english are not perfect !)
This is my first larger quilt that I have quilted myself and it was a lot of fun !!
I will show you pictures from the completed quilt later.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Love your new blog banner! I didn't know there was any other way to baste a quilt. :o) That's how I learned in 1993. It's the machine quilting part I don't like to do myself. I leave that to the "experts". EEK! Have fun!

    1. Hi.. Quilting is not very common in Norway so there are nobody to learn from so I am very happy when I can find information like this :-) I have never thought of scotch taping my backing to the floor to prevent bulk on the back.
      You are very lucky to live in a quilt heaven like the United States where there are lots of people to learn from !

  2. Dette var en god idé! Gleder meg til å se det ferdig quiltet;)

  3. Allt är jämt så snyggt hos Dig AnneMarie!
    Den nya bannern är läcker!
    Sedan måste jag nog hålla med Stephanie.
    Jag har gjort så där länge när jag ska kvilta och det är inte roligt!!!
    Jag har alldeles för lite golvutrymme så det är bara jobbigt för mig!
    Det glädjer mig att Du tycker att det är roligt för då blir arbetet också roligare att göra!

    Ha en bra dag!

  4. This is how I baste my quilts, but I also use masking tape to keep the top in place while I kneel around in the middle and use my safety pins. Soon I need to find someone else to go on their knees because I can't. Enjoy you new method!