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søndag 11. mai 2014

Block #10 and 11 in my Mystery BOM

I have Finished block #10 and 11. Very happy to catch up on the Bom again. 
Waiting for block  #12 to end up in my mailbox, it will be the last block in the Mysteri BOM Of 2013 from Fatquarter shop. 
Fabrics are Avalon from Moda. I have lot of leftovers and I am looking forward to play with them later on. Maybe a new bag or I think they will look good in some place mates too. 

A summer table, love it !! It is so good to finally have some sunny days :-) 
Today I try to find upside down on my Swoon project. Hmmmm what is Color 1 and what is Color 2??? I guess I need some lunch before I can continue :-)) 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fina block har du sytt med underbara tyger !!Bambikram

  2. Skal si du får ting unna på syrommet.Herlige blokker...fargeglade og rolige blå...Skjønn løper.
    Ha en fin mandag!

  3. Löparen som Du lagt på Ditt altanbord är mycket fin, tycker jag.


  4. Great blocks and a very pretty table runner..