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søndag 27. april 2014

Maybe a cushion some day and some inspirations for sewing

This is going to be a cushion for Christmas and I am making 2 of them. Luckily it is still a long time to Christmas.
The designer is the norwegian designer AnnKa and the fabrics are Lynette Andersen and I bought the fabrics at Quilt´en in Arendal a long time ago.

Some inspiration for sewing.
The turquoise fabric is a gift from my dear friend Linda. She gave to me as a challenge and I stepped right on to it,
I will show you soon :-)
The pillows where found at a Store called No.1 in Kristiansand.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I like your cushion very much, it is a nice use of Lynette Andersen's fabrics.
    The two "houses" cushions are sweet :-)

  2. Beautiful work Anne Marie. The 2 cushions for Christmas will be stunning. The beach huts are similar to something I have been working on based on Southsea. Will share. I hope you have fun with your challenge project.

  3. The Christmas cushion cover is very pretty, I like the flowers. The beach hut cushions are cute too!