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søndag 16. juni 2013

A new cushion

A have managed to finish a new cushion, well actually I have made 2 new cushions but I have smashed/ broken my iPhone so this is the only picture I have.
These 2 cushions are going to live in my new chairs that I have been waiting for the last month. Living 8 weeks in a our living room without any furniture is quit a challenge !! We have a small Tv room on first floor so the three of us has been crashing there for 8 weeks and we are still good friends thank you very much ;-)
The pattern is Lise at Kreativ Quilt here in Kristiansand.Easy and fun to make!
Tonje my youngest daughter has already ordered 2 cushions for herself. She is leaving for Bergen next semester to study to be teacher and we will have empty nest syndrome kicking in again.... Our oldest daughter is already studying law in Bergen so it will be a great comfort for us to know that big sis is there to look after Tonje.
Yes I know that I am more or less not present here in bloggland but you must know that I am visiting you without living a comment. My arm is still hurting and it needs to rest!
Take care and have fun, I am ;-)

7 kommentarer:

  1. Flott og delikat den ble :-)

  2. Din kudde är jättefin!
    Vi har alldeles för mycket möbler i vårt Tv-rum. Vi väntar på att någon, eller båda pojkarna ska flytta ut så att vi kan ställa möblerna i deras rum;-D
    Kan ju inte kasta fotöljerna bara för att vi köpt för många,-)

  3. The cushion looks very nice, I can see why your daughter wants some too! It must be so exciting for her to leave home, but also safe as her sister will be near. I hope your arm will heal soon and you can use it for writing and sewing again.

  4. Så underbara färger Du har satt samman här, tycker jag. Det inger en harmonisk känsla att se!


  5. Beautiful cushion cover. I hope your arm recovers soon. It is the holidays so we have full nest syndrome here. Oh my 8 weeks of waiting for your chairs in a bare room! I'm glad you had somewhere else to nestle into.

  6. Hopefully your arm is getting well soon! Wishing you that the 8 weeks without a comfortable chair will soon be over, so you can use your new and nice cushions soon.
    Hilsen, Barbara