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fredag 1. februar 2013

And another "All About Anna" bag

Another " All About Anna" bag,design Loftcreation.
I made one in my favorite colors and now I am a bit confused ;-) Who should I pick for myself ??
I thought that I wanted the purple one but when the red, white and black was finished today I did not know anymore.
I made this last bag slightly larger than the pattern and I am very happy with it...
You can buy the pattern here.
Loftcreation is a very dear blogfriend of mine and you can visit her here ..

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend and I hope all of you will have time to sew and relax a bit during the weekend. We all need to refill our energy..
I was amazed of Radka´s last post because it had so much of spring in the pictures !! There is hope for us in the cold north I guess ;-)

Have fun out there, I am !!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely Anna! I love her new shape too. :o) You have a tough decision to make!!!

  2. Kjempefine vesker, god helg til deg også.

  3. Superfine vesker! Skjønner at det er vanskelig å velge :-)
    Ha ei flott helg du også!

  4. Ja, där fick du något att fundera på;-)
    Båda väskorna är jättefina.
    Varför inte behålla båda och sy en annan till din vän?
    Ha en trevlig helg!

  5. Även denna "All About Anna" bag är jättefin, tycker jag. Tänk så olika samma mönster kan bli i olika tyger och färger!


  6. Flotte vesker, vanskelig valg! Har mønsteret et sted,så når det våres litt , setter jeg i gang jeg også! Ha en. Koselig helg:-)

  7. Flotte vesker du har laget :-)

  8. Lovely bags, they are both so very nice. I can tell it would be hard to choose. Good Luck.