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onsdag 28. desember 2011

My wonderfulI, awesome SSCS gift from Dzintra :-))

What a suprice my SSCS partner was Dzintra...
I was so lucky to have Dzintra as my Swap partner !! Look a all the goodies she sent me, WOW.. Please visit her blogg and see her last post about this swap and my special gift.
I am stunned ;-)
Dzintra has made me some lovely gifts and yes I can see that she has put a lot of work into it.I feel very blessed to receive her gift and thank you so much Dzintra.
I will put all of the goodies at the cabin and every Christmas I will find this gifts and think of Dzintra in Australia.
Dzintra tells me that this is her first time joining in the SSCS swap and I do hope she will joining in many more times to come. It has been a delight to be part of her SSCS swap!!

I will also Thank Chookyblue for hosting even another SSCS swap. I know that Chookyblue puts a lot of work into organizing this swap and by doing that she gives us all a very special gift under the tree and maybe some new friendships are made ;-))

9 kommentarer:

  1. Ja, her var det mye fint og for en glede det må være å få så mye fint !
    Ha en forsatt fin rom jul :)

  2. What a special Christmas swap, lovely gifts.

  3. beautiful gifts from Dzintra..........I hope she joins us again in the swap........thanks for being part of the SSCS swap for many years now......

  4. Så mange flotte ting du har fått - heldig du :-)

  5. Such lovely gifts, Anne-Marie! This sounds like a very special swap!

  6. Oh Anne Marie I am so happy that you love these special that they are going to be brought out at Christmas in your delightful cabin amongst all that snow...Enjoy xoxo

  7. Anne Marie all your gifts are just good had this swap been...

  8. Mange fine gaver fra Dzintra;ja,gøy med SSCS!
    Vakkert header-bilde hos deg,drømmer om sne her hos oss,men mest regn og vind. Ha en fin nytt års helg:-)