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lørdag 11. juni 2011

Tiny Town Block 1

So here it is Tiny Town block number 1. There still some stitchery to be done but I will deal with that later. I guess we will continue with block number 2 Melanie ??
I will wish you all a wonderful weekend ;-)

I am trying to post comments with you guys today but blogger is not cooperating.
I will try to come back later when things are easier.

Endelig ferdig med blokk nummer 1 i Tiny Town. Jeg har fremdeles noe brodering igjen men det får jeg ta litt senere. Vi fortsetter vel på blokk nummer 2 Melanie??
Jeg ønsker dere alle en flott pinsehelg ;-)

Det er vanskelig å legge igjen kommentarer hos flere av dere i kveld. Jeg tror blogger /google sliter med systemene sine. Veldig kjederlig !!

13 kommentarer:

  1. The Tiny Town is such a sweet quilt! - I have had problems with comments as well, especially on your blog, in the last weeks. Needed to sign in again and again.

  2. Kjempefin blokk, nydelig stoff!

  3. That is so cute - it looks like lots of work though.

  4. Your block looks really beautiful. I am doing this quilt too ... only done the big house and flower on block one so far. Seeing yours has inspired me to get mine out again.

  5. Your block is so beautiful!!
    I have the pattern and fabric ready to start Tiny Town too. You are tempting me to start yet another project!

  6. I would love to live in tiny town. It's a very sweet place to be.

  7. Kjempefine hus du har bygget. Forsøk å fjern haken foran "forbli pålogget" når du logger inn så skal du se det går bedre å legge igjen kommentarer

  8. Oi Anne.
    Lindo bloco,adorei os detalhes.

  9. Gleder meg over å følge med på TT:-) Du inspirerer meg til å fortsette på min med
    godt humør!!!

  10. How adorable!! I purchased this kit last year, I can't wait to have the time to get started. Great job!

  11. Hi Anne Marie it looks gorgeous! Well done. I have shown Tiny Town 1 now and will get 2 ready. This is such a fun quilt!

  12. This blog looks very cute, I like it. What a beautiful quilt it will finally be.
    Besides my first nine-patch quilt is finished now and the second one will be in due time. But as long as it so beautiful outside, I don't feel like quilting...just sewing a bit.