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fredag 20. november 2009

I have started a new prosjekt A tisket a tasket from Bunny Hills Design

I have been busy with life lately so my blogg has not been my first priorety but I am still here.
I am slowly starting a new project which have been running for almost a hole year by Bunny Hills Design. We are about 10-12 ladies in my quiltguild who makes this and we are supposed to be finished by next summer.
This Bom also includes som stitchery and I intend to ask my mother to help me out. She makes the most wonderful stitches and it is my intention to give her something she loves to do and maybe some boring wintermounths will pass a little bit easier for her ;-)
I have used my leftovers from my Mysteryproject and it is a delight to work with Moda's Peace on earth again..
I have my mother visiting this weekend and I am looking forward to spend some time with her. She is incrediable to be 82 years old and her head is clear as the sky!!
Take care everybody and have fun, I will!!

11 kommentarer:

  1. Bunny Hill BOM is so cute! I wished I like to I don't. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom.

  2. Your baskets look lovely! The fabrics are really wonderful. Have a nice time with your mother!

  3. Morning Anne Marie those are so sweet. I hope you have lots of fun making them. It's great that your mother can do so much.

  4. Oj, så spennende. Kjempeflotte kurver. Så lurt å få din mor til å hjelpe deg med stitcheryet... Ha en fin helg!

  5. Dine kurve er lavet af meget fine stoffer, det skal nok blive et flot tæppe, har også alle mønstre, men ved ikke helt om jeg får det syet, ha en rigtig god søndag.

  6. Blokkene dine er kjempefine! Morsomt at ingen av kurvene er like. Gleder meg til å følge med på prosjektet ditt.

  7. Åååå,så skjønne di er....
    du er i farta,det er kos med syprosjekter i ruskeværet.
    Klem Linda :))

  8. Tittet litt rundt. Mye fint å se. Lykke til med prosjektet

  9. Håper du har hatt en koselig helg med din mor. Flotte blokker, så koselig om din mor og du kan samarbeide om ditt prosjekt, det må være koselig :-)

  10. the Peace fabric and your stitching is lovely. i had wanted to make these baskets. maybe sometime next year. have fun working on it with your Mom.

  11. Lovely Bunny Hilll. This Bom is high om my list but untill now: no time for it. Maybe next year.
    Merry Christmas from Holland.


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