Anne Marie Quilt

Velkommen til Anne Maries Quilt !

søndag 29. april 2018

2 new table runners

The grey table runner is made with Luster by Zenchic for Moda and the other one is made with red&white christmas Fabric from Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hills design.

tirsdag 24. april 2018

2 new cushions

2 new cushions using composition/ Basicgrey for Moda.
A friend needed some new cushions and asked if I could make them for her. Of course no problem :-)

torsdag 22. mars 2018

Dresden table runners / scrapping .

I have made 2 table runners using some scraps I had in my drawers. Some beige fabric and yes maybe someone will recognize fabrics from "Mill House Inn" by 3 Sister.

Quilt class with Dawm Cameron-Dick from the UK. I had a wonderful time learning how to paper piece.

Dawm Cameron-Dick´s quilt work that she brought to quilt class at Sundvollen.

Some fabric shopping at Sundvollen.. Really great spring colors :-)

søndag 25. februar 2018

4+4 new place mates with Fragile and Luster

Made these 8 place mates. 4 for me with Fragile fabric and 4 for my daughter Marit with Luster fabric...
Both collections are from Zen Chic design for Moda.
These place mates are my own design and very easy to make.

lørdag 24. februar 2018

4 new place mates with Luster / Zen Chic

I bought a panel from Desiree Lappeteknikk and made some new place mate for our cabin.
The boarder fabric are Luster by Zen Chic for Moda.

torsdag 15. februar 2018

2 new cushions, 1 table runner and 1 toalett purse

I have had some great fun using charm pack of Fragile by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics.
Yellow is way out of my comfort sone but it turned out ok I think ...
2 cushions, 1 table runner and 1 toalett purse..
Patterns from my own head.

søndag 11. februar 2018

A new table runner with Thrive fabric..

One new table runner using Thrive by piecenquilt for Moda. The fabric was a gift from my good friend Linda.
Thank you so much Linda :-)

fredag 9. februar 2018

6 smal toalett purses for some good friends

I made 6 small toalett purses for some good friends of mine. Every year we go to a spa together and then in the evening we go out for a nice dinner.
We had a great time and the dinner at Luihn was amazing.

mandag 1. januar 2018

My Ohio Star Quilt

My Ohio Star Quilt was finished sometime before Christmas and it felt very good to make that finish.
I have made it without a pattern and just followed my inspiration by turning the small blocks. It was amazing to descover the positiv and negativ Ohio Star block just by turning them around.
The fabrics are Grand Traverse by Minnick and Simpson for Moda.
Beautifully quilted by Anne Salvesen.
This was my last Opam 2017 finish!!
I hope the year of 2018 will be a great quilting year as well.

onsdag 13. desember 2017

12 new toalett purses

I have just finished 12 new toalett purses for "Kristiansand Krisesenter"/ Kristiansand Women's Shelter.
Christmas gift to someone who really needs it..
Pattern is a modified version of Annas Sminkepung by AnnaKa.