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onsdag 11. mars 2015

Mørketidspasteller AnnaKa

Another table runner using my new turquoise fabrics. I do love these new fabrics!
The table runner are designed by AnnKa, a wonderful Norwegian designer! The pattern was published in Quiltemagasinet 6/2014.
I have seen so many different variation of this pattern on the Norwegian Facebook page "Lappemakerne"and it has been lots of fun to follow.
So this is my version...

søndag 8. mars 2015

Designer Mystery quilt 2013 is finished :-)

Finally a finish in my Designer Mystery quilt 2013. It is a BOM by Fatquarter shop.
This quilt has been waiting a long time and the only thing that was missing was the binding. This weekend we were at the cabin and I had one goal and it was to finish my Designer Mystery quilt 2013. I am very happy to say that I accomplished my goal !! I am doing the happy dans :-)
Quiltén in Arendal has done the quilting and it is done so beautifully!!
The fabric are Avalon by Fig Tree Co. I have lots of scraps, I really must find something nice to make of this wonderful scraps ..

onsdag 4. mars 2015

A new table runner using Oasis / Moda and a free pattern from Fatquartershop.

Here is another table runner I just made using mini charm squares from Oasis/ Moda. I got 2 small charm pack from Stephanie some years ago and they have been lurking in my window frame for a while.
This is a free pattern from Fatquarter shop and I absolutely love it and Oasis realy get this sweet pattern pop !

mandag 2. mars 2015

Block # 8 in my Mystery quilt BOM

Another one is done and #9 is waiting in the drawer :-)

lørdag 21. februar 2015

Scrapping with my Avalon leftovers from The Mystery Quilt 2013 by Fatquartershop

Scrapping with my Avalon / Moda By Fig Tree&Co.These are leftovers from my Mystery Quilt 2013 by Fatquarter shop.
The charms are stack and slash 5" and I have made the design myself. Pretty happy with the bag actually :-)

lørdag 14. februar 2015

Twister quilt

My new Twister quilt are finally finished. I have used fabrics from the Moda/ Hearty Good Wishes collection.
The quilt are quilted beautifully by Britta Hohne/Quiltekunst and she has used a variegated thread.

My surgery went well and I am now able to use my sewing machine again and I was back at work last thursday.
Thanks for your sympathies!

søndag 25. januar 2015

A new table runner and block # 5,6 and 7 of the Fatquarterhop´s mystery quilt 2014.

Scrapping yet another table runner for our cabin by the sea.I have used tiny scraps from Indigo Crossing and Lexington by Moda Minick & Simpson. I had lots of fun with scraps 2 X2,5".

I have finished Block # 5,6 and 7 from my Fatquartershop Mystery quilt 2014. Block # 8 has arrived so I have to find time to make it soon,but I will be out of business for a couple of weeks due to a small surgery in my hand. ( Carpal tunnel syndrome).It will take place tomorrow and I hope I will be fine in no time :-) Take care ...

lørdag 10. januar 2015

New place mates with half Dresden plate.

Moda Sweetwater / Road 15 made a wonderful half Dresden on my new place mates.
I know black is a bit dark as a background but I think it is perfect with these lovely charms. Yes I have used 1 charm pack 42 5X5" for these four place mates and the table runner in my last post. I still have 2 charm packs left of Road 15, hmmm what to do???

A new year is here with lot of new possibilities. I will try to continue blogging and I hope the rest of bloggland will continue too. I am now on Instagram aswell and you can find there as annemariesquilt…
Take care!

mandag 5. januar 2015

New year at the cabin

Happy new year to you from me!! 
We spent Christmas at my mothers place  but for new year we stayed at the cabin. 
The weather was anything from sun , rain to snow storm. 
I had some binding to do so I did not mind staying inside in front of the fire :-) 

onsdag 24. desember 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all my blog friends! 
A new Dresden table runner is just finished. Nissen / The Santa is greeting you all !