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fredag 9. oktober 2015

2 new bags, one visit to Vigelands Park and a quiltshow

2 new bags using the pattern veskekurv by"Ryumquilt" design.
It was an easy and fun project :-)
I wish you all a wonderful weekend! We are heading ut to the mountains to the cabin.

From my visit to the Vigelands Park in Oslo last weekend with my Husband.
The hole park are made by one artist Gustav Vigeland, amazing!

From our Quiltshow some weeks ago with my quilt Guild. We had a wonderful time with lots of visitors..

tirsdag 29. september 2015

Joyeux Noel and Holly´s Tree Farm

One new Dresden table runner using Moda/Joyeux Noel.
The fabrics are from Stoffdronning in Kristiansand.

Another table runner is finished this month using Moda/ Holly´s Tree Farm.
These fabrics are also from Stoffdronning in Kristiansand.

mandag 7. september 2015

I am on a roll, 2 more purses to " Søstre for Søstre"

Jeg er vist litt i full fres i dag. Her kommer 2 toalettvesker til til prosjektet
"Søstre for Søstre".
Mønster Anna Sminkepung / AnnaKa litt forstørra. Stoffene har jeg vunnet en gang for lenge siden på klubben.
Disse har også Marit Heggernes sponset innholder til. Innholdet til hver toalettveske kommer på 260-290 kroner, så det er ikke småpenger hun har bidratt med :-)
Disse vil også bli gitt bort til Kristiansand Krisesenter på torsdag.

2 more purses for the project " Søstre for Søstre". For women in need/ Womens shelter in Kristiansand.

2 new purses for the " Søstre for Søstre" project.

2 nye toalett vesker til prosjektet "Søstre for Søstre"
De blir med når vi skal overrekke Kristiansand Quilteklubbs toalett vesker på Kristiansand Krisesenter på torsdag denne uken. Vi har fylt opp alle toalettveskene med innhold.

2 new purses for the project " Søstre for Søstre" / Sisters for sisters. For women in in need living in shelters away from abuse and violence. The purses are filled up with things you need when you have fled from you home in a hurry.

torsdag 3. september 2015

9 block are done so far / Lollies by Thimble Blossoms

I have bought a new fun PDF pattern from Fatquartershop a couple of days ago, Lollies by Thimble Blossoms.
You can find the pattern here.